Third Eye Oracle
Third Eye Oracle
Third Eye Oracle
Third Eye Oracle

Third Eye Oracle

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**Third Eye Oracle is out of stock and out of print indefinitely. Per contract agreement between artist (me) and creator (Branson Norris) I am personally unable to run additional print runs. While I would love to see the deck back in print all future printings are entirely in the hands of my co-creator.

If you are interested in seeking out a lightly used copy you might have lucky inquiring at the Zen and More Marketplace on Facebook.**

An intuitive-use 50 card oracle deck. While this deck features images and words which are commonly recognized and easily understood, everyone will interpret the cards in their own unique way. This deck is not meant to be used 'by the guidebook,' but rather to help you to learn to listen to your own inner voice. Certain parts or themes in each image, nuances in the ways each person understand the picture or word prompt, will guide each individual down their own path of understanding and intuitive knowing.

While the deck is meant to be an intuitive use tool, creator Branson wanted to provide a free digital file containing his own interpretations of each card. You can find this free pdf here:

This is the second edition of the Third Eye Oracle. In the second edition Third Eye Oracle you will find updated artwork and a custom tuck box painted and designed by Brittany Burkard.

Creator: Branson Norris of
Artist: Brittany Burkard