Tarot Fauna Preorder
Tarot Fauna Preorder
Tarot Fauna Preorder
Tarot Fauna Preorder

Tarot Fauna Preorder

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**Tarot Fauna is currently available for preorders for the second print run.

Minor changes in box design and cardstock/finish and corner shape are the only differences between the first and second printings, otherwise we are excited to be bringing the much loved Tarot Fauna back to print!

Preorders are expected to arrive and begin shipping late January to early February, dependent upon print house activity. All preorders will also receive a free 5x7 print specially selected for each order!

Tarot Fauna is a beautiful journey deep into the heart of mother nature. Painted in a whimsical realistic style, the cast of wild woodland creatures tell their stories and bring guidance across 78 traditional cards and 2 newly created just for the deck bonus cards.

Each Suit is represented by its own empowering woodland guide and the Majors feature a menagerie of wildlife; from foxes and bears - to owls and wolves!

This deck set features:

  • 80 card deck, flexible but sturdy cardstock with a smoothe lustre finish
  • 2 piece rigid box for safe storage
  • Free 200+ page digital guidebook available, make sure to add it to your cart too!

Stay inspired and see the deck in action on Instagram @tarot_fauna.
Tarot Fauna was co-created by creator Devin of Love, Light, and Legacy and artist/designer Brittany Burkard.

You can find a physical copy of the guidebook here: Paperback Guidebook

If you are interested in seeking out a lightly used copy  of the first printing you might have luck inquiring at the Zen and More Marketplace on Facebook.**