I Am Power Deck **Out Of Print**
I Am Power Deck **Out Of Print**
I Am Power Deck **Out Of Print**

I Am Power Deck **Out Of Print**

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**The I Am Power Deck is out of print indefinitely. Per contract agreement between artist (me) and creator (Devin Strickler of Love, Light and Legacy) I am personally unable to run additional print runs. While I would love to see the deck back in print all future printings are entirely in the hands of my co-creator.

If you are interested in seeking out a lightly used copy you might have lucky inquiring at the Zen and More Marketplace on Facebook.**

Inside you will find 108 positive affirmations to meditate on. Practice honoring each unique, important, and powerful piece of you. Use for daily affirmations, divination, and a unique spin on traditional mala meditation.

In the second edition I Am Power Deck you will find 7 new cards PLUS updated cards along with a beautifully designed custom tuck box.

Creator: Devin Stricker of lovelightandlegacy.com
Artist: Brittany Burkard