The Artist and Artwork

  • Where are you from?
    I grew up most of my life in Iowa but I am grateful to now live in Northern California!

  • What supplies do you use?
    I am a mixed media artist, meaning I use a large variety of supplies. Currently my favorite supplies are acrylic paints, watercolors, ink, oil pastel, aquarelle crayons and pencils, collage materials, and digital painting techniques. I typically paint on watercolor paper or wood panels. Very large work is done on stretched canvas.

    Digitally I use Adobe Photoshop CC, a Nikon D5300, an Epson Artisan 1430 with a continuous ink tank system, and a Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition. I have also recently added an iPad and Apple Pencil, paired with Procreate, to my lineup!
  • Where did you go to college and what did you study?
    I transferred between colleges a few times but most of my education came from Iowa State University. I also studied a variety of topics, including Animal Ecology, Pharmacy, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and I finally settled in obtaining my B.A. in Psychology with minors in Child and Family Services and Animal Ecology.

  • You didn't study art?
    I am not what you would call a formerly trained artist.

    During high school I was blessed to have an incredible art teacher who guided us along our artistic paths and encouraged us every step of the way. I did take one semester of foundation arts courses at Grand View University which was largely a review of what I had learned with my incredible high school art teacher, but at a more demansing level. Aside from these experiences I am self-taught via my own experiences, books and online courses.

  • Can you do it cheaper? Can I have this as a gift? Can you do this for free?

    Tarot Fauna & Oracle Decks

  • Do you offer wholesale on Tarot Fauna?
    Because I currently only purchase in small print batches I am unable to offer steeply discounted wholesale prices for this deck. Wholesale prices are $28/deck with a 10 deck minimum + shipping.

  • Is there a printed copy of the Tarot Fauna guide available?
    Yes, you can find that here: click me!
    It is printed through a third party and I am unable to set or control the cost of print and shipping, customer service for the item is handled by Blurb.
  • Are you rewriting the Tarot Fauna guide? How will it be different? Should I wait to purchase a physical copy?
    The original guide was not written or designed by me, but it was completely handled by my co-creator, Devin, and I love the way it came out and the way her work shows through in the pages. However, once the full printing rights for the deck came to be in my hands I decided I wanted to rework the guidebook to make some adjustments to fit my own vision for the deck, to make some changes to make sure the guide is inclusive and culturally respectful, as well as correcting a few minor errors. I do not have a definitive timeline set for this project at the moment just due to a busy schedule, as I get closer to a release date I will update this to reflect the expected timeline.

    This does not mean you need to wait to purchase the book if you work best with a physical copy in front of you! I will not be changing any card meanings, although some wording may be changed in the next copy.

    If you are worried about wanting the updated version in the future you can always find the free PDF copy of the guidebook here and you are more than welcome to print it out!
  • Is the I Am Power Deck still available?
    This deck is no longer available through my shop, however printing rights have been purchased by another and print production is nearly under way for a new edition of this deck. As soon as it is made available I will update this area with a link to purchase.

  • Can I get a copy of the Third Eye Oracle?
    This deck is currently out of print.


  • Prints, Stickers, Orders

***In-house prints are currently unavailable.***
  • Do the prints have a border?
    All 8.5x11 and larger prints will have at least a 1/8" border. Depending on the aspect ratio of the original artwork this border may vary between the left and right and the top and bottom. I do my best to note these dimensions accurately in the listings.

    All 5x7 prints are printed borderless to allow the best representation of the artwork.

  • Do you sign your prints?
    I currently sign all open edition prints on the back of the print in pencil and include the title of the piece. You may request me to initial the front as well in order notes if you wish me to formally sign the print.

    All limited edition prints will be signed and numbered on the front of the print.

  • How are prints shipped?
    All prints are placed in protective acid free plastic sleeves. If they are being shipped with non-print items chipboard is added to the sleeve for protection and the prints are placed in with the other items. If they are being mailed alone then they are placed in a rigid mailer envelope.

  • How are other orders shipped?
    Depending on the substrate and media used I will first wrap the piece in a protective paper or plastic layer and then layer packing materials as needed to ensure your order is packaged as securely as I can get it.

    Recycling is important to me so I do my very best to source previously used packaging materials that are in good condition to safely package your order. It might not look as fancy, but this not only helps keeps costs down for shipping for everyone, it also lends a helping hand to the environment.
  • How do you make your stickers?
    I print all stickers on full sheets of permanent matte sticker paper. Then all stickers are kiss cut using a Silhouette Cameo machine and then packaged and shipped just as I would ship an art print.
  • I have a problem with my stickers/prints/original art/order!
    Please make sure to read over my shop policies first. I always want to do my best to make sure you're pleased with your purchase, so if you encounter any problems with your order please make sure you contact me within 3 days of receiving your order.

    I understand that things can occur during shipping that may result in damage and I am always happy to discuss how we can come together to resolve any problems that may arise.

    In regards to prints and stickers, I do my very best to spot check each item after printing and cutting but I am only human and producing in small batches in my own studio so I don't have as many eyes to double and triple check. If you do encounter a problem with these items please contact me right away and I am happy to make arrangements to fix the issue asap!