Hello home.

Hello home.

The first half of 2018 has been such a whirlwind of ups and downs, uncertainty, waiting and rushing and of course big changes! For now I feel I have a short moment to catch my breath before we pack our bags for vacation in Colorado to see lots of family and friends. So what better time than now to dust off the blog with an update on what has been happening around and in the studio.

If you have been following me on Instagram for any amount of time then you probably know the family and I recently packed everything up (again) and hightailed it from Texas all the way to California!

The husband accepted a new job offer, we found a house, arranged a cross country move and packed everything up in just two and a half weeks. The drive was not fun, we pulled a 28 hour shift and then a final 5 hour shift after an overnight stop. However, reaching California and finally feeling at home was all worth it.

Y'all I'm tired and I'm looking forward to vacation (although maybe not another long car ride, yikes!) We are now getting to the point of semi-settled in our new home, only a few boxes left to unpack!

Prior to moving most of my time has been taken up with working on completing the Third Eye Oracle alongside creator Branson! We are planning on a late summer/early fall release. Find out more about the deck and how to preorder here.

Since we have been so busy with homeschooling and moving and settling in and planning for our family vacation I made sure to cap my commission spots the season to allow me to catch up on all outstanding orders. Limited spots will reopen this fall.

I was also able to add the iPad and Apple Pencil to my artistic tool line-up and I am having a lot of fun discovering its capabilities. I can't wait to see where it will lead me both in and out of the studio!

For now that about sums it up. Really much of my spring was taken up by waiting and rushing, waiting and rushing while we tried to figure out where our family was headed next. I am looking forward to a more open and relaxed summer, finishing up projects and settling back into a routine! The family and I couldn't be happier to find a new home here in California and are excited to see what new adventures await.

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