Hello and Goodbye, New Developments

Hello and Goodbye, New Developments

As the end of the year rushes forward full of holiday business and events I'm quietly winding down having finally finished the last of some well overdue commissions. I do however, have some very exciting news on a few fronts! 

First of all a new proof of Tarot Fauna is on it's way to me as I type this and I plan to have the deck back in print early 2020 and available right here in my shop! Negotiations between by co-creator, Devin Strickler, and myself have taken place and the full printing rights have landed in my lap! I am going through a new print house so there will initially be some minor adjustments from the first printing run we did, including a new box design and new cardstock. The digital guidebook will continue to be offered for free via digital download and will eventually be updated with some minor corrections where typos/errors have been noted. Potential new developments regarding a few of the cards may also be in the works, but for now aside from a few adjustments in packaging and print house it will be the same much loved Tarot Fauna!

Now, I must admit that this development arose during another bit of negotiation concerning another project between Devin and myself, the I Am Power Deck. It is with a bittersweet feeling that I say all I Am deck prints and stickers will be retired from my shop; but the I Am deck has been handed off to the wonderful wife/husband team of Hatha Crystals to be revised, reborn and back in print with all kinds of exciting developments on the horizon! Bittersweet because this was my first big project, but I am so excited to see where it is headed next and I get to remain in the loop for any future artistic developments as well.

I thought it fitting to pull a few cards from both decks about the new developments for the upcoming year and they couldn't have been more perfect.

The Two of Torches and The Magician come to us from Tarot Fauna, noting the decisions made, diverging paths and new developments on the horizon as well as being brave enough to trust your choices and take the leap into future projects and understanding that it is time to act upon an opportunity presented to us.

The I Am deck brings forward I Am Heart and I Am You, saying a sweet farewell to being under the ownership of Devin and I reminds us that this first deck was a heart project for the both of us, born of a wild passion and desire to reach out to our communities and share messages of hope and inspiration with YOU. If not for every one of You who has supported us along the way the I Am deck would not be here and around the world.

Again, I am truly excited to see how these new opportunities develop into their full power in the coming year and I cannot wait to see both decks back out in the world bringing joy and inspiration!

A final announcement about commissions: all outstanding commissions completed; 2018 and 2019 had me thrown for a loop with moving across the country, homeschooling, pet losses and health issues so I am eternally thankful for every one of you who was so patient with me as I worked to catch up!

All commission spaces, including logos, are closed until further notice. As my family and I prepare to welcome our newest little one into the family this January I deemed it best to spend the remainder of the holiday season and the few months after baby arrives earthside to slow down, be present with my family, and continue to work on personal work and projects, including my personal oracle deck I started in the middle of moving! Limited spots will reopen in the future, but for now space for family and creativity is what I am seeking and I hope to have many new original works available in the near future.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!

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